Celebrated Classical Musicians who Performed concerts in Southern Africa, 1953-1978


 A typical schedule of performances by Artists can be seen from  the attached one of 

Gaspar Cassado's 1957 tour

Johannesburg Musical Society's Program of Visiting Artists 


Early Musicians 1949 on - Kathleen Long, Herman Salomon & Elsie Hall, Gunter Weinert.

Access to Information on the Musicians who Toured Southern Africa between 1947 - 1953 has unfortunately been lost, but a few documents still remain.

Renowned English Pianiste Kathleen Long, two or three tours  1949 -53

Video 2 - 3 minutes of Kathleen Long enjoying South Africa as HA's guest and tries out some new compositions:

German Pianist Gunter Weinert 1952 or 53

1953 on - Andor Foldes, renowned American Pianist

Andor Foldes Tours Southern Africa, from Kenya to Cape Town

Kendall Taylor, English Pianist.

Kendall Taylor, British Pianist, 2 Tours

Gaspar Cassado Spanish Cellist.

Gaspar Cassado,  world renowned Cellist, 3 acclaimed tours.



Movie 5-6 mins with Gaspar Cassado enjoying H A  and musical society hospitality  and playing  duets. Included also a later tour recording with HA for the SABC from the Music Library:


1954 on - Denis Mathews, British Pianist

Denis Mathews,  eminent British Pianist, 2 acclaimed Tours.

JMS welcome Dennis to Johannesburg

Lelia Gousseau, French Pianist

Lelia Gousseau, eminent French Pianist, 2 acclaimed Tours.

Two Piano duet presentation in the Adler music room

Nikita Magaloff, Georgian-Russian Pianist

Nikita Magaloff, Georgian-Russian Pianist.

1955 on - Loewenguth Quartet, French.

Celebrated Loewenguth Quartet, 3 acclaimed Tours

1956 on - I Musici, Italian Mini Orchestra

I Musici,  eminent Italian mini orchestra, 2 acclaimed Tours.

Isabelle Nef, Swiss Harpsichordist

Isabelle Nef, acclaimed Swiss Pianist.

This Musician Toured with her own Harpsichord, and also performed concert and recorded duets with Hans Adler, who performed on his own personal instrument.

    Recording 2 harpsichord duets for the SABC

Radio Geneve Pr 2 Clavicins.. recordings, 1956
Sonata, Allegro  in sol major by JC Bach
Musette de Choici, by F Couperin